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Jazzman’s Cafe

Lahey Clinic Medical Center
Location: Burlington, MA
Size: 9,000 Sq. Ft.
Completion: March 2011

Project Description

Complementing the hospital’s primary servery and cafeteria, this boutique retail café provides hospital staff and visitors with a lively and refreshing environment in which to recharge. JACA successfully coupled the Jazzman’s back-of-house prototype with Lahey’s requirements for efficient, durable and secure spaces. The result is an inviting space that coherently extends the Lahey vision.


Clinical Decision Unit

Lahey Clinic Medical Center
Location: Burlington, MA
Size: 4,350 Sq. Ft.
Completion: September 2010

Project Description

This 12-bay Outpatient Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) was designed to care for patients who require management of medical problems that are expected to be self-limiting and require a short stay, generally less than 24 hours. The guiding principle for entry into the CDU is that, based on symptoms that can be corroborated with test results, the patient is expected to be discharged either home or to where they came from within 23.5 hours.

The over-arching goal of the CDU was to improve the quality of medical care and patient outcomes. Specifically, the CDU provides an appropriate clinical setting outside of the Emergency Department for patients requiring monitoring, diagnosis and treatment of specified acute medical conditions. It also improves ED flow/efficiency, and increases inpatient unit capacity by effectively managing appropriate patients who are expected to require short hospital stay, in a physical location separate from the inpatient setting.


Clark Cancer Center

Cape Cod Hospital
Location: Falmouth, MA
Size: 9,500 Sq. Ft.
Completion: April 2011

Project Description

Located on the grounds of Falmouth Hospital, this Outpatient Radiation Therapy fulfills the need for cancer treatment in the Cape Cod area. This facility is equipped with a Linear Accelerator and a CT Simulator for treatment planning. The scope of work involved the renovation of existing unoccupied space and an addition to accommodate a new maze-type vault, control room, and entrance vestibule.


Medical Office Building

Cape Cod Healthcare
Location: Falmouth, MA
Size: 15,600 Sq. Ft.
Completion: July 2011

Project Description

To meet a growing need for multiple imaging technologies, this project expanded an outpatient Women’s Imaging Department and created a new In-patient Imaging Department. The Women’s Imaging Suite, consisting of three Ultrasound Rooms, two Mammography Rooms, X-Ray, and Bone Densitometry, was designed to increase patient comfort and privacy while also economizing work flow. Patients waiting for re-screening are separate from new patients and dressing rooms are directly adjacent to treatment rooms. Treatment rooms are centrally located near technician work rooms to increase efficiency and shorten appointments. The In-patient Imaging Department consists of a new MRI Suite as well as an ultrasound and X-Ray suite. This configuration allows a patient to get all imaging completed in one area of the hospital to reduce patient travel and stress. The finishes were selected to create a comfortable, residential feeling, and the use of glass in the corridors brings the natural light into the space.

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