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Clinical Decision Unit

Lahey Clinic Medical Center
Location: Burlington, MA
Size: 4,350 Sq. Ft.
Completion: September 2010

Project Description

This 12-bay Outpatient Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) was designed to care for patients who require management of medical problems that are expected to be self-limiting and require a short stay, generally less than 24 hours. The guiding principle for entry into the CDU is that, based on symptoms that can be corroborated with test results, the patient is expected to be discharged either home or to where they came from within 23.5 hours.

The over-arching goal of the CDU was to improve the quality of medical care and patient outcomes. Specifically, the CDU provides an appropriate clinical setting outside of the Emergency Department for patients requiring monitoring, diagnosis and treatment of specified acute medical conditions. It also improves ED flow/efficiency, and increases inpatient unit capacity by effectively managing appropriate patients who are expected to require short hospital stay, in a physical location separate from the inpatient setting.

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